Career for students

In Simonsen Vogt Wiig, you can begin your career already as a student. Our various programmes for law students give practical experience in and insight into the everyday life of a corporate lawyer. We offer relevant work experience and competence building both professionally and socially.

Our trainee programme

The trainee programme at Simonsen Vogt Wiig is meant to simulate as much as possible what it is like to work as an associate lawyer. Our trainees get to work on actual cases within several of our professional and industry areas. Among other things, the work will consist of writing letters, formulating writs of summons, notices of intention to defend and other pleadings, and participating in working sessions, meetings with clients and court cases. In addition, you will naturally be invited to the firm’s social gatherings and events during the trainee period.

A general trainee period with us lasts 4-5 weeks. In Oslo and Bergen, we offer trainee positions throughout the year. At our other offices, we hire trainees as needed and in accordance with our capacity.

We would prefer that the trainees have completed their third year of study. We want to make contact with ambitious, energetic students. Commercial understanding and a willingness to provide service are fundamental to the way we work.

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Corporate trainee

We have an effective professional environment in corporate law and M&A.  The combination of industry knowledge, commercial understanding and professional cutting-edge expertise gives us a sound platform when we advise any of the key players in business and industry. As a corporate trainee, you will get an insight into the ways in which legal and strategic decisions are handled in everything from start-ups to major groups. You will work in a team of skilful attorneys and become familiar with the in-house legal departments of our clients, and you will face challenges in many professional areas of corporate law.

We are looking for candidates with a special interest in corporate law. In addition to professional qualifications, commercial understanding and the ability to build relationships are also especially important. Students who have completed their 3rd year of studies are welcome to apply.

Desk space

Simonsen Vogt Wiig offers desk space to selected students. To whom we choose to make this offer and how often it is made depend to a great extent on the topic of the thesis. We want the students who are writing their master’s thesis with us to consider a topic that is relevant to our professional areas and our competence. That enables our attorneys to provide assistance with their expertise and act as the student’s sparring partners while the thesis is being written. In that way, we will also get to shed light on a topic and an issue that we think is interesting and practical.

By having desk space with us, you get office space in one of our offices, professional guidance, access to our cafeteria facilities and access to our library and electronic subscription-based data bases, etc. You will be invited to the firm’s social gatherings and events – simply stated you will become a part of the firm while you write your thesis with us.

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