Sochi World Championship Victory!

| Chess
| Sochi, Russia

Yesterday was a highly emotional day. Surprisingly I remained relatively calm during most of the game even when Anand got some initiative through his well-timed b5-break. But when he sacrificed the exchange on b4, and I subsequently moved my king to the centre (e4), played Nh5 and saw Rd7 that should be winning for me, I was overcome by anxiety. The release of emotions suppressed for weeks was overwhelming.

With some time on the clock I managed to calm down and finish the game efficiently to clinch the World Championship title with 6.5 – 4.5 !

With the next match coming up in two years, the time has come to reveal all my seconds and helpers for this match.

In the last minutes of the round 11 game, Norwegian media interviewed my hardworking seconds located at the Kragero resort south of Oslo; Jon Ludvig Hammer, Laurent Fressinet and Michael Adams! A special thanks to the three of them and to my main coach Peter Heine Nielsen present in Sochi. I’m very grateful also to Garry Kasparov for valuable advice before and during the match and some really good help from my friends (and former European Champions) Ian Nepomniachtchi and Vladimir Potkin who was having a training camp at the player hotel in preparation of Ian’s participation in the Russian Super Final starting later this week.

Thinking back one year; In addition to several of the above seconds, Pavel Eljanov contributed significantly before and during the Chennai match.

I’d like to thank all of you very much in addition, and the same goes to my team consisting of manager Espen, chef Magnus, doctor Brede and my family for the support and help during the two Anand matches.

My esteemed opponent former World Champion Viswanathan Anand was excellently prepared and put up at great fight. The match was not decided at all until the end of the 11th round cliffhanger.

The Agon organizers deserve praise for a well-organized match and for doing their utmost to make me and my team as comfortable as possible here in Adler, Sochi.

Directly, and through Espen and my father, I’ve received so many joyous greetings after the game yesterday and during the celebration last night, from friends, fans, family and representatives of Simonsen Vogt Wiig and my other main sponsors.

The prize giving will take place at 6 pm Tuesday and I’ll return to Norway on Wednesday.