Winning Tata Steel 2015!

| Chess
| Oslo, Norway

It feels like ages since I had my 6-game winning streak. There are not many above-ten rounds elite tournaments outside FIDE, and even if I really like to come back to Wijk aan Zee year after year the last week is always long.

Some of my young competitors seemed to have retained enough energy for the last round, and I needed a draw to avoid a five-way tie for first.

The final round draw against Saric was my fourth in a row, and although I was unhappy with my own play (reminding me of the near-loss against Caruana in the last round of 2010), it was enough to win outright at +5. It brought me a slight rating gain for the first time since February 2014, and my fourth Tata Steel tournament victory.

It is also my first two wins in a row (2013 and 2015) in Wijk aan Zee as I didn`t participate last year.

Vachier-Lagrave, Giri, So and Liren all ended at +4. Suddenly there are some 15-20 players in the world that may all win top events on the right day.

I need to continue to make progress to stay ahead in the future. A formidable challenge! My 7 out of 13 decided games was more or less representative of the stat`s for the Masters group. It is always good to see a high number of decisive games.

On the way to the traditional closing event I was treated with an unexpected and heartwarming ceremony at the market square in Wijk aan Zee with the mayor, the local choir and lots of people present. Thank you!

The organizer did a great job as usual making the players feel most welcome and I think the tour playing two rounds in other cities – works well.

It is less than a week till my next tournament in Baden-Baden, and after some rest I hope to be back in good shape for another interesting event starting February 2nd.