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Space Law

The satellite sector is experiencing an explosive growth trajectory, driven by increasing demand for communications services, earth observation, navigation systems, and more.

From satellite launches and manufacturing to satellite-based services and applications, this thriving industry offers a vast field to maneuver. With lawyers from SVW our clients benefit from a team of specialists with regulatory, commercial and M&A expertise to help them navigate this field.

The sector is highly regulated, requiring comprehensive counselling to navigate the intricacies of national and international laws, licensing requirements, spectrum allocation, and contractual agreements. Simonsen Vogt Wiig has, through years of experience, an in depth understanding of electronic communications law, regulatory compliance, intellectual property, and dispute resolution.

We are working with major players in Norway within this sector and our unique combination of legal, business, and technical experience gives our clients great advantages.

Core contacts

Espen Tøndel’s main areas of expertise are within IT, telecoms, the satellite sector, IP and M&A. He has experience with heading large procurement projects and has broad international experience.
Tor Stokke assists entities in the IT- and e-communication and media market, hereunder the satellite market, and other heavily regulated sectors, in matters such as contract negotiations, contractual disputes and regulatory affairs. He has a background from the regulatory authorities where he, amongst other areas, was responsible for the satellite sector.