• Short & Sweet: Ship Sale and Purchase #5 – Documentation

    SVW boasts one of the largest shipping teams, continually handling vessel transactions all around the world. In this 5th piece in our Sale & Purchase series, we focus on the documentation exchanged between the parties.

  • The corona virus - consequences for shareholder and board meetings in Norway

    The Norwegian government has adopted temporary regulations that constitutes an exception from the requirement to hold physical meetings in private limited companies (AS), public limited companies (ASA), general partnerships (ANS/DA), co-operatives (SA) and foundations.

  • Updated standard estate agency terms for the sale of real estate companies – simplification or greater degree of complexity?

    In December 2019, the Norwegian Real Estate Association and the Forum for Commercial Brokers published an updated version of the standard estate agency terms for the sale of real estate Companies. Compared to the previous standard estate agency terms, it is our assessment that the updated standard represents a more complex contract system that requires a higher level of legal competence on the hands of the users of the standard.

  • Covid-19 measures in Norway

    A number of measures have been implemented to alleviate the negative effects that employers all over the country are experiencing as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak.

  • The Rotterdam Rules – Another nail in the coffin?

    The Malaysian government prepared a law bill last year regarding carriage of goods by sea, which is expected to come into force this year. This has a general interest, as it further reduces the hope of the modern Rotterdam Rules ever coming into play.

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