• The Singapore Convention – new UN convention on mediation

    On 7 August 2019 a new UN convention was signed in Singapore by 46 countries, the "UN Convention on International Settlement Agreements Resulting from Mediation", also known as the Singapore Convention.

  • Countries can order Facebook to take down content and restrict worldwide access

    On 3 October 2019, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) published its groundbreaking ruling in case C-18/18 establishing that the EU enables national courts to order information societies such as Facebook to remove defamatory information.

  • Competition law implications of search engine advertising and agreed negative listing between competitors

    There is an ongoing controversy relating to search engine advertising. In particular regarding the legality of purchasing search terms incorporating third-party trademarks. In seeking a reasonable legal standard, this article discusses the latest legal development in trademark, unfair trading practices, marketing, and competition law.

  • Proposal on financial service providers' mandatory affiliation with authorised complaints board in Norway

    A substantial amount of institutions providing financial services to retail clients in Norway is not affiliated with an authorised complaints board. The Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority has just recently proposed regulations that will make it mandatory for all financial institutions, investment firms, management companies, institutions for occupational retirement provision and insurance companies providing services to retail clients to be affiliated with an authorised complaints board in Norway. The proposed new regulations will apply to all institutions operating in Norway, either Norwegian institutions, branches or agents of foreign institutions in Norway, or foreign institutions providing cross-border services into Norway.

  • The Norwegian Supreme Court delivers its judgement in the Fosen-Linjen case

    The Norwegian Supreme Court delivered its judgement in the so-called Fosen-Linjen case 27 September 2019 (HR-2019-1801-A). The Fosen-Linjen case has been much debated the latter years, inter alia because it has been the only Norwegian case to have been subject to two EFTA Court referrals, cf. the decisions of the EFTA Court in cases E-16/16 (Fosen-Linjen I) and E-7/18 (Fosen-Linjen II).

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