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Cyber Security

Simonsen Vogt Wiig has Norway's largest team of lawyers in the field of information technology.

The managing of IT- security and preparedness is becoming increasingly vital for all businesses along with growing vulnerability and risk of cyberattacks. Most corporations and public businesses are increasingly dependent on deliveries from external providers and new stricter regulatory requirements applicable to critical systems may further need to be considered.

Our team of information technology experts have comprehensive experience from information security handling and risk management. Several team members have profound experience from handling cyber security incidents in practice.

We assist with the prevention, identification and management of cyber and data security incidents. Preventing security incidents primarily requires focus on risk management and implementation of appropriate control measures. We offer customized “toolkits” (policies, guidelines, routine descriptions, risk matrix and templates) which allow the business to identify and implement relevant requirements and measures. Further, we assist with the development of cyber incident- and preparedness plans and support the business with incident management and compliance if the crisis hits.

Our team further assist with complex IT-contracts and the embedding of cyber- and data security terms based on both regulatory requirements and best practice. We assist with all types of IT procurements and contract negotiations, including with drafting of contractual language to address data security in relation to both the delivery, operation and maintenance of IT-solutions.