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Environmental Law

Environmental law is a key regulatory framework of increasing importance for a number of industries.

The regulations are typically complex and influenced by international regulations, hereunder EU regulations. We assist undertakings with various authorisation bodies, especially in connection with applications for permits, emission trading, carbon capture and/or storage, imposition of environmental measures and studies and investigations.

Environmental law issues are also relevant for private parties, especially liability for and risk of pollution and possible compensation in the event of pollution damage. When buying or selling a property or business, the buyer should always evaluate whether to perform an environmental law due diligence, and we often undertake such assignment, usually in connection with an interdisciplinary team of for example biologists or engineers.

Lawyers on our team have experience from the Appeal Body for Access to Environmental Information and The Norwegian Bar Association’s climate- and environmental legislative committee.

Core contacts

Mona assists industry clients and governmental bodies with all aspects of environmental law. The counselling covers i.e. environmental compliance and regulatory advice, environmental approval processes, enforcement and due diligence/transactional support.
Arne is one of Norway's leading lawyers within climate and environmental law, including natural resource law. He is the leader of the Appeals Committee for Environmental Information and is also the leader of the Norwegian Bar Association's law committee regarding climate and environmental law.
Terje has wide expertise within environmental laws and has assisted in larger industrial projects where nature interventions, noise pollution, indigenous rights and environmental measures has been important issues.
Ørjan has expertise in climate and environmental law through many years of assistance to, among others, industrial players, energy companies, real estate developers and companies in a number of other sectors.