Time bar issues – direct action

The legal position with respect to time bar of direct action claims is somewhat complex and uncertain under Norwegian law. This complexity and uncertainty relates to when the direct action claim could be considered time-barred, including which set of limitation rules apply to the relevant direct action claim. Some of the issues were discussed in a recent judgement from Borgarting Court of Appeal (LB-2017-178696-2). Les mer.


Ship Arrest in Norway

Norway is probably not among the most popular arrest jurisdictions, mainly due to its geographical location as the Norwegian coast is not among the busiest shipping routes in the world. However, the eastbound traffic to and from Russia and along the Arctic shipping routes are increasing. As Norway is a reliable jurisdiction with quite easy and inexpensive arrest proceedings, the aim of this brief article is to set out the key points of arresting ships in Norway. Les mer.


125 år med klienten i fokus

Siden 1894 har Simonsen Vogt Wiig bistått små og store klienter med varierte problemstillinger på tvers av fjorder, fjell og landegrenser. I år markerer vi at det er 125 år siden firmaet ble etablert. Les mer.