Career in Simonsen Vogt Wiig

With us, you become part of a strong professional and business-oriented organisation. Our culture is known to be inclusive with a high ceiling, and with a common goal to succeed both for the individual and for the firm as a whole.

Our clients make great demands on our professional competence. In addition, they want attorneys with commercial understanding and the ability to see business opportunities. This makes great demands on us as a firm and it also makes great demands on the individual attorney.

Therefore, as a knowledge-based firm, the development of our personnel plays a key role. We want our employees to be steadily developing in order for them to be as well-equipped as possible to face the challenges as an attorney in one of the leading legal organisations in Norway. This occurs on a daily basis through exciting and challenging cases for our clients, as well as a common exchange of experience among our employees.

In addition, training is systematised through the firm’s own development programme for legal employees at all levels. We provide systematic feedback with the focus on performance and future objectives. Clear expectations of each individual in combination with career plans give rise to goal-oriented development of each employee.