Energy taxonomy - an app from Simonsen Vogt Wiig

To help our clients make a first assessment on how the EU taxonomy Regulation affects their company, we have developed an EU Taxonomy App for the Energy sector.
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Simonsen Vogt Wiig works closely with its clients to help them develop and choose the right sustainable solutions. The first step we take with our clients is to assist them with understanding how the new EU Taxonomy for sustainable activities affects their business and operations, the second step is to choose the right solutions. SVW has put together a dedicated team of experts with in-depth expertise in ESG compliance who are ready to help your Company with any questions regarding this new, and fast developing, framework of sustainability regulations. With a focus on certain selected economic activities in the Energy sector considered particularly relevant for companies with a Norwegian footprint, the Taxonomy App will give you a first glance to what the new EU Taxonomy for sustainable activities could mean for your Company.

The Taxonomy App is based on the technical screening criteria currently available for the Energy sector. SVW follows the development closely and will aim at developing the app further in line with the regulatory development. The app currently focus on certain energy activities considered particularly relevant for companies with a Norwegian footprint. We will however also consider to include other important activities at a later point.

Who may benefit from using the app?

The app may be used by companies that are required to publish non-financial information, including sustainability disclosures under the EU Taxonomy Regulation. The Taxonomy App may however also be used on a voluntary basis or just for testing how the classification criteria apply to a company´s economic activities.