Commercial Contract Law

Most business relationships are regulated by contracts, e.g. employment contracts, contracts for the purchase and exchange of goods and services, financing contracts, mergers and acquisitions etc.

Having a contract that is well-adapted to the specific situation is an important factor for a successful outcome. Many problems are avoidable with carefully drafted, well-adapted contracts. There is much to gain if the undertaking uses a well drafted contract and standard templates. Our firm can assist with such contracts and also how to use them correctly.

Through extensive knowledge about Norwegian and international contract law and experience with standards and practices in the specific industry, enable us to provide tailor-made solutions and give our clients legal and strategic commercial advice.

We assist with the review, preparation and negotiation of all types of commercial contracts, including:

  • Production, purchase and delivery contracts
  • Distribution contracts (e.g. agents and dealers)
  • Outsourcing procurement contracts
  • Development contracts
  • License agreements
  • Project contracts and turn-key contracts
  • Contracts concerning strategic partnerships
  • Joint-venture and restructuring agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Preparation of standard terms and conditions

Good advice in a timely fashion.

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