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Corporate Law

Our corporate law team has the expertise, experience, resources and willingness to provide first-class, effective and commercial assistance.

A fundamental knowledge of corporate law and the practical significance of the legal rules are essential for all companies and other legal entities in their effort to create value for owners, investors, employees and others.

In advising on corporate law issues, we always take into account our client’s specific needs and interests, and the special industry characteristics and standards that apply.

Simonsen Vogt Wiig is a strong performer in Norway across the spectrum of financial and corporate work.

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Our advice includes, among other things:

Incorporation and Choice of Corporate Form

When a business is established, a series of important legal and practical issues need to be addressed in order to ensure the best possible start.

We act as your partner and sounding board in setting up a new company – including choosing the most appropriate corporate form and drafting or amending articles of association. This ensures that you receive the best possible basis for a good start to business.

Capital Structure and Reorganisation

Most companies need to adjust their capital, company or ownership structure from time to time. Our lawyers have extensive experience in and knowledge of the corporate law and aspects to be considered in adjusting capital structure or planning reorganisations and restructurings.

Our advice includes, among other things:

  • Capital structure, including capital adjustments
  • Reorganisations, including change of corporate form
  • Mergers and demergers, including cross-border transactions
  • Liquidation
  • Sale and purchase of treasury shares, including redemption of shares
Corporate Governance

Our corporate law team advises on issues and internal rules for Corporate Governance regulation, as well as practical consequences for the parties involved.

Our advice includes, among other things:

  • NUES, the Norwegian recommendations on corporate governance
  • The relationship between directors and executives management and the company, its owners and other stakeholders
  • The risk of liability for directors and executive management
  • Incentive programmes for directors and executive management
General Meetings

It is essential that general meetings are properly planned and professionally conducted. We have solid experience in advising companies and others on general meetings and our lawyers often chair general meetings.

Our advice includes, among other things:

  • Preparing and executing general meetings, including preparation of meeting notices and proxies
  • Obtaining and presenting the documents required
  • Assessing the requirements for valid adoption of resolutions
  • Chairing general meetings
  • Registering resolutions passed by general meetings with the Norwegian Register of Business Enterprises
Ownership and Shareholders Agreement

It is essential to maintain a positive dialogue between the owners and management so that the owners gain insight into the company and the management is informed about the owners’ interests.

We have extensive experience in advising all types of companies on the relationship between a company and its owners and we help to create an appropriate framework and ownership structure to support a good interaction between the company and its owners.

Our advice includes, among other things:

  • Negotiation and drafting of shareholders’ agreements
  • Protection of minority interests
  • Abuse of majority shareholder power
  • Shareholder role in listed companies
  • Shareholder influence at general meetings

Core contacts

Henning has extensive experience in advising Norwegian and foreign listed and private companies with purchase and sale of companies, start-ups, reorganization, restructuring, equity financing as well as company law and contract law.
Vidar has worked as a business lawyer for 30 years, and has extensive expertise in corporate law, including knowledge of all current company forms.
Kristian has many years of extensive expertise in corporate and contract law, as well as extensive experience with board work and transactions.
Ørjan assists in structuring and transforming companies as well as rules regarding the company's assets and liabilities, distributions and general organization. He also helps in questions about the legal position of shareholders and company members.
Anders has extensive experience in company law, including related to transaction processes, equity transactions and restructuring. In addition, Anders has considerable experience from and provides general assistance within company law.