Simonsen Vogt Wiig offers taxonomy assesments

Along with increasing focus on sustainable development, regulations are also gaining momentum. The EU's taxonomy for sustainable finance will entail a completely new ESG classification system that determines whether various business activities are defined as sustainable or not.

The taxonomy will be of great importance both for investors who need to distinguish between sustainable investments and unsustainable investments and for the businesses in their process of adapting to and documenting sustainable activities within their own sector.

We work closely with our customers to help the businesses develop and choose sustainable solutions. SVW dedicated team of experts, with in-depth expertise in ESG compliance, assist with clarifications related to the new taxonomy and assist companies in their efforts to adapt to the new sustainability criteria.

We offer taxonomy assessment and assist with preparations both to investors, management teams and PE advisers as well as advising all types of companies that need to understand and adapt to the new ESG and sustainability requirements in the relevant sector. Feel free to contact us for information about who we work with the EU taxonomy and how we can assist your business.