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The Norwegian Government proposes opening of areas for offshore wind

Offshore wind power has up until recently been a reverie. It started with the small scale Hywind turbine offshore Norway and now Hywind Scotland is the first operational floating offshore wind farm.

The technology of floating offshore wind power enables the next generation of renewable energy production.

The Ministry of Oil and Energy issued a press release 18.6.2019 stating that they will arrange a hearing for a proposition to open the area Utsira Nord outside the coast of Rogaland for applications regarding offshore wind power. In addition, the Ministry will ask for input for the possibilities of wind power production in the area Sørlige Nordsjø II.

The minister of Oil and Energy, Kjell-Bjørge Freiberg expresses that Utsira Nord is suitable for floating offshore wind power. In addition, the Minister wants input on whether to open the area Sørlige Nordsjø II, near the territorial border in the direction of Denmark.

The position of the area Sørlige Nordsjø II close to the continent means that it is suitable for connection with the continental energy systems.

The Norwegian Government presented a strategy for floating offshore windpower in the government budget for 2018. The goal being that Norwegian companies will increase the export of goods and services to this industry.

The Minister further expresses that offshore wind power give Norwegian companies great opportunities and that Norway is in position to use the extensive and unique experience from the oil- and gas industry, shipping, shipbuilding industry and renewables.

As part of the hearing process the ministry will propose a regulation for the sea energy act. The regulation will provide provisions for the concession process for offshore wind power.

The cost related to the wind power industry has dropped and is expected to drop further in the future. This implies that the wind power industry will be more profitable and attractive investments.