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New apps within ESG and sustainability

These days Simonsen Vogt Wiig is launching several new apps within sustainability.

Sustainability is a high priority for Simonsen Vogt Wiig (SVW), both for our own business and in our service offerings for customers. SVW have been certified as an Environmental Lighthouse (“Miljøfyrtårn”) for several years, and diversity and sustainability are among our key focus areas. In addition to working actively with defined sustainability goals internally, we advise on and deliver digital solutions within ESG, sustainability and the EU taxonomy. We assist our clients in gaining an overview of and adapting to the new regulations, and thereby we also want to contribute to the businesses developing and choosing sustainable solutions.

These days we are launching new apps within sustainability. Two of them are related to the EU’s Taxonomy for Sustainable Finance, and will help clients in the shipping industry and the energy sector respectively to get an overview of how the new taxonomy affects their company.

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Another new app we have launched, is related to the Norwegian Transparency Act which will come into force in a short time, and which will affect many companies.

The apps will help companies gain insight into new laws and regulations and better understand relatively complex issues, in a fast and accessible way. They are open to all for testing, free of charge.

We have had a chat with ESG & Compliance lead in SVW, Malin Tønseth about the three new sustainability apps in the first episode of our new podcast series, “Kort prosess” (“Short process”), coming out later this week (in Norwegian).

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