Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

We are accountable for running our business in a responsible and sustainable way. This is important to us both as individuals and as a company.

We aim to be sustainable and take active responsibility both in how we manage our business and through contributing beyond our own sphere. We have been certified as an «Eco-Lighthouse» since 2009, and through purchasing climate quotas we are today a climate neutral company. We wish to exceed the expectations placed upon us. Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are integrated parts of our business strategy.

The firm is dedicated to holding high ethical standards, and we have good routines for the prevention of money laundering and conflicts of interest. Several of our lawyers are members of public committees, hold directorships in organizations or have authored scholarly books and articles.

As a law firm, it is natural that we are concerned with legal protections and the rule of law, and for several years we have been a supporter of Amnesty International Norway. Furthermore, many of our employees offer their expertise to individuals and organizations on a pro bono basis.